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If you are about to launch a new porn business or you just want to upgrade an existing one, these adult themes will have you sorted. Whether you plan to build a tube site, online sex shop or a membership based paysite with exclusive XXX content, look no further. You just came to the right place.

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With a thorough selection of the top adult themes, you are one step closer to the hot stuff.

xStreamer Review

XStreamer is a video streaming service from Adent that allows you to create adult tube websites and promises to give you all the tools you need to make them profitable. I checked the site out for myself to see how it stands up against other streaming services. What I found was a surprisingly large number of features that were easy to use. Any tools that are beyond your skill level are explained in detail in a way that is easy for most users to understand, even with minimal streaming experience. YouPorn and PornHub are some of the most popular tube sites on the internet. This site gives you the opportunity to create a site like this on your own with step by step guides that walk you through the process so you can optimize and customize to your specifications.
Your success in the online adult entertainment business lies in getting the right software and using it properly. Software like XStreamer gives you many valuable tools to make that happen. It’s easy to use, but it also has the power to handle millions of users if your site becomes popular. The setup process is simple, but the added features will take your online adult business to the next level.
Adult websites are a bit different to work with than your normal website. You need adult content friendly scripts as well as the right monetization tools. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right software that is geared toward adult content. There are a lot services to choose from, so I have put together some reasons why this site stands out from the rest.

xStreamer Features:

    • Modules – There are many modules that come free with your package like the payment gateway integrations, video embedder, video grabber and so much more.
    • Bulk video uploads – Many streaming services don’t allow you to upload multiple videos at a time, but this one does. This gives you the ability to upload a site full of content instantly.
    • Multiple monetization methods – Monetize your content any way you like with multiple options like ads, banners, membership based payments and more.
    • Multiple streaming backends – More than enough streaming servers are supported giving you many options to display your content and the tools to make it compatible for all users.
    • HTML5 video fallback – This option allows you to stream videos in the mobile version with the right resolution. This means less bandwidth for you and less data for the user.




xCams Review

One of the most lucrative ways to make money in adult entertainment is owning a live webcam site. Models looking to make money in the adult industry are drawn to sites like this. They make money for themselves and provide you with the content that can make you a lot of money as well. The first thing you will need is the proper software to make it happen. xCams from Adent enables you to create your own adult webcam site from scratch. I checked it out to see if they are as good as they say they are. Read my full review below to see what I found.
As I have found with other products on the site; creating live video chat portals is made easy and there are many payment gateways that are built into the software. This is a product that is very useful to both beginners and experienced adult business owners. Real time analytics lets you manage your users and what they do on your site. You can keep track of the minutes they spend on each model and the total amount that each user spends. You have complete control. You can easily manage the models on your webcams as well and choose the price per minute and the percentage that goes to you.

xCams Features:

    • Multiple Chat Options – Video, audio and text chat is supported as well as private chat, group chat and voyeur chat. This is a very attractive feature for potential users.
    • The App – The software allows your site to work across all devices and platforms. xCams also has an app that sends the user push notifications when a certain model is online. This tool helps you insure that many users will be back to use your site again and again.
    • Real Time Analytics – You can keep track of what your models and your users are doing on the site and customize the experience any way you like.
    • Multiple Payment Gateways – You can easily adjust your per minute billing, the commission that goes to the site owner and the amount of payouts that go to the models. The models also have the freedom to set their own pricing on their private chats.
    • The Blog – You will find a link to their blog on the site. This is very useful with many articles that can help you get started if you are not experienced.




xMember Review

If you think you have what it takes to create a profitable member based adult website; you are going to need the proper tools. You need a reliable site with software that is both easy to use and packed with features that will help you get the most out of your online business. xMember from Adent promises to give you all the tools you need to create an adult membership website without the need to be a skilled webmaster. Check out my full review and I will let you know if it is the right product for you.
There are a lot of platforms out there to create adult websites, but few of them have all the right tools to help both beginners and professionals to create their own site and turn a profit in the adult industry. Many sites make the claim to have the best software in the business but few can actually deliver. I found that xMember had both the ease of use to make it attractive for beginners and a wealth of options to meet the demands of more advanced users.
One of the things I was most impressed with was the speed. They claim to be 10x faster than most websites in the world and, after using it, I am inclined to believe it. No matter how many features you integrate into your site; it loads in less than a second. I also liked the freedom of uploading videos in multiple formats, including high definition mobile formats.

xMember Features:

    • Lighting Fast Streaming – Multiple streaming servers are supported. You can choose the default server or switch to any number of other servers that work with this software.
    • Compatible on All Devices – High definition content can be displayed on all devices in various resolutions and qualities. Your videos are uploaded with options to play in whatever format is best for the user.
    • Multiple Subscription Membership Options – The key to making a huge profit on an adult site is offering subscription based memberships. You can give your customers the option of a trial membership or upgrade to a VIP membership.
    • Excellent eCommerce Platform – The integrated eCommerce store allows both you and your models to sell both digital and physical products.
    • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage – You have the option of hosting your media files on your server or the Amazon S3 cloud server which is secure and cheaper.




xAggregate Review

Adent has many products to create a wide range of adult sites that fit your needs and interests. One of those products is xAggregate. Aggregate means a whole formed by combining several elements. This software allows you to create a tube site with an adult search engine and cutting edge technology to connect you to other adult sites as well as send visitors to pay sites that you have created. I found this to be useful for those looking to expand their presence in the world of online adult entertainment. Check out my full review and I will let you know why this product come highly recommended.
The online adult business is huge and it’s easy to get lost in the fold, especially if you are just starting off in the industry. I found it quite simple to Import and embed tube script and I also found that you are given all the tools you need to handle increased traffic as your site grows. When you are starting your new tube website, you are given user friendly tools to set it up. This is really impressive considering that you also have the power to handle a lot of traffic when your site gets an increase in popularity.
Along with the growth hacking features on xAggregate, you also get advanced SEO. The elastic search allows for more advanced searching as well. I was surprised to find out that the software is fairly new because it functions as if it’s been refined for years. Although, I should have learned by now that Adent never disappoints when it comes to creating a wide range of adult sites.

xAggregate Features:

    • 42+ Search Spiders – Multiple search spiders allows you to source content from other major tube sites.
    • Admin Dashboard – As an admin; you can gather stats on popular searches, manage you list of source spiders, categories and videos.
    • Send Visitors to Your Pay Sites – The software can be used as a tool to drive users to other pay sites that you own to help grow your business.
    • Multiple Video Filters – You can give your users the tools to filter the videos in multiple categories including the length of the videos, which porn stars they feature and much more.
    • Ability to Handle High Traffic – Having too much online traffic is a great problem to have and this software handles your site growth with ease.




xMarketplace Review

If you have ever considered starting your own adult toy and novelty business, the most important decision you can make is choosing the right software to help you get started and give you the proper tools to grow. One such product comes from Adent and it’s called xMarketplace. An eCommerce shopping cart software build for adult sites. Read my full review and you will be able to determine if this product can help your business flourish as much as they claim.
The software excels in both design and functionality. The WordPress framework and WooCommerce platform give you the powerful tools you need and allows you to customize the theme, logo, colors, design and content blocks without needing a lot of previous experience. The admin functionality is amazing. You have the freedom to created unlimited sub-admin access and manage users, products, categories, drop shipping, invoices, email notifications and invoices.
xMarketplace is crafted for adult SEO with a URL structure that is search engine friendly. This allows for superior indexing and ranking in search engines. You can also implement coupon codes into your site to encourage users to purchase your products. You can create unlimited coupons and determine when the coupons expire. Another thing that encourages customers to visit your site is the ratings and reviews system so your customers can make an informed purchase.

xMarketplace Features:

    • Compatible on All Devices – The fully responsive design lets you access it on multiple devices. The Bootstrap 3 responsive system makes your adult toy store vibrant and professional no matter what device it is viewed on.
    • PayPal Integration – You can collect payments with ease with the PayPal integration. You also have the option of offering cash on delivery.
    • XML, CSV Importer – XML and CSV uploads allow you to upload products in bulk from the wholesale drop shipper along with all product data..
    • Advanced Search Filters – These built in product search filters allow your users to filter your products by category, sub-category, location, price, color, reviews and ratings. A valuable tool to attract customers for sure.
    • 70,000+ Products from Wholesale Drop Shipper – Adent partnered with one of the leading wholesale drop shippers for adult products with over 70,000 products that you can buy wholesale and sell them to your customers with whatever markup you see fit.




xPins Review

Photo sharing sites are all the rage these days and the popularity of this platform should translate well into an adult site. If you are looking to start your own adult photo sharing site; xPins from Adent gives you the tools to do it. This software is affectionately referred to as the Pinterest for porn. The main site that is considered the Pinterest of porn is which became the domain name with the highest price paid back in 2006 when it was purchased for $14 million. The question is; can this software help you take advantage of this type of success? Read my full review below and find out.
Your ability to make a profit on your photo sharing site depends on how you manage banners and sponsors. This software allows you to highlight sponsored images on top of the homepage and on the search page as well. When you add sponsored images to your site; the user will be redirected to the product page when they click on it. Your affiliate ID will be appended to the product assuring that you will be paid for each click. This gives you the opportunity to partner with eCommerce site owners so both of you can make money.
Another attractive attribute is the cheap price. It’s a one time purchase with no hidden costs and offers free installation. You can also use it on multiple domains. You have to link to your own domain and server, but a server is recommended to you that costs only $5 a month. You can choose to use this one or get one of your own before purchasing the software.

xPins Features:

    • Users Can Sign Up and Login – Ensure that your users continue to come back to your site again and again by allowing them to sign up with a username and password.
    • Multiple Image Options – You can link images to third party websites giving you more ways to make money. You are also given advanced search filters and unlimited categories.
    • Multiple Static Pages – You can fill your site with many sections like an About section, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and more.
    • SEO Optimized – Every post is SEO optimized so your site will appear at the top of search engines.
    • Manage Advertisement Slots – xPins allows you to manage ad banners easily without interfering with the functionality or visibility.




xGallery Review

Displaying images of an adult nature can be a lucrative way to get involved in the adult entertainment business, but using adult image hosting software can increase your chances for profit and give you more options to customize your site for optimal payback. It can also insure that your site is up to the standards of users who are accustomed to advanced technology. Adent is a company who is at the forefront of adult website technology and offer xGallery. An adult image hosting script build that is created for adult image sharing and photo galleries. Read my full review below to see if this software meets your needs.
There are more than enough opportunities to make money with this software like the pay per view module affiliate program and other options for monetization. You can also encourage your users to help you make money by offering them the incentive of earning money when they bring traffic to their images. You can determine how much you are willing to pay for visits from various countries all over the world.
I didn’t just find it easy to set up an adult image site using xGallery. I also found it extremely easy and user friendly to customize it. You can customize the way your website is displayed and customize the way your contributors use it and how much money they can make. You get total control over your business with more than enough options to make it profitable.

xGallery Features:

    • Multiple Upload Options – Your users have multiple options to upload their photos. Photos can be uploaded single, multiple, remote, cover, Ajax or in zip files. You can also restrict the size of uploads allowed on your site.
    • Multiple Viewing Options – You can organize images any way you like, create folder galleries and set the images to public or private. You can also add the option of viewing images in a slideshow.
    • Password Protected Galleries – This allows you to close some or all of the galleries on your site so users must sign in to view them.
    • Multiple Admin Options – You can not only manage images and galleries; you can also edit the pages using WYSIWYG editor, export detailed analytics and reports, configure ad banners and much more.
    • Anti-fraud System – This valuable security tool assures that visitors cannot fraud the system and generate fake visits to any of their images.